Web Applicatiion


Web Applications refer to the highly advanced website which is connected to a server & consist of server side scripting to connect the web page to a database that stores all the data about the brand & its customers.

It is mostly used by banks, e-commerce & brands with a huge audience etc.

Types of Web Application :

Custom Web Applications :- These applications use the server to store all the data of the brand website in a very efficient manner where the programmer rents an amount of space from established hosting providers.

Cloud Web Applications :- These applications use the cloud computing concept to store data in the cloud space that does not consist of a particular server hosting provider.

Phases of Web Application Development

Client-side programming :- This refers to the process of design & development of a website that is visible to the client.

Server side programming :- This refers to the backend process of connecting the website to the server database which is actually not visible to the client.

Types of Web Application Services provided by Agix

1) Custom Business based Application Development
2) E-Commerce Web Application Development
3) Social Networking Web Application Development
4) Travel-based Web Application Development
5) Web Application Maintenance & Enhancement
6) Cloud Application Development


Why should you choose Agix for the development of your web application development?

1) We are Specialists in solving all business needs.
2) We create applications that are easy to access on cloud as well as hub
3) We create applications integrating best of the software.
4) We create easily accessible applications
5) We create highly interactive applications.
6) We provide high security for cloud data storage.
7) We create applications that are easily accessible on all devices.
8) We create applications that are worth every penny.
9) Agix  hold a team of highly qualifies enthusiastic specialists for development of your web application.

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