Social Media Marketing


What is Social Media Marketing?

Nowadays, people from all age groups love to surf on social media to connect to people and gain knowledge about things all over the globe. Therefore, A Strong Social Media Marketing Activity gives you an opportunity to expand your business across the globe & create payable customers.

Social media is one of the most respected tools of online marketing that helps us to interact with the clients & create a strong set of customers.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Increased Brand Recognition: It’s an important factor that makes your website easily accessible for new visitors & customers, which makes it more visible and recognizable for existing customers.

Improved brand loyalty: Brands who engage on social media channels are considered to be more trustworthy by their customers.

Interacting with customers: Every blog post, image, video, or comment you share gives your visitors a chance to interact with you & these conversations could lead to increased site visits and eventually a conversion into a payable customer.

Higher conversion rates: The more you interact with individuals higher are the conversion rates.

Richer customer experience: With the help of social media we get to interact with the customers through blogs, comments, calls etc ,where we get an  opportunity to show our concern towards our customers & gain their trust.

More customer insights: Social media helps us to gain information about our customers & serve them with the best that satisfies their needs.


How it is done?

Project Brief :- A complete research is carried out to find  the value of the respective project on the social media & accordingly steps are taken for promotion.

Audience Research :- The age group as well as the nature of the audience is taken into consideration & accordingly the Activities are held to attract the targeted audience.

Competitive Analysis :- The strengths & weaknesses of the competitors are examined & a proper plan is made to strongly compete with them.

Social Audit :- After all the depth researches about the project, audiences& the competitors, a strong & attractive content is prepared where it might contain videos-audios-images etc that catch the eye of the audience & make a long-lasting effect on their minds.

Active Users

According to a survey the total world population is 7.534 billion, out of which 3 billion are internet users & out of these internet users 4.33 billion are active on social media , where, the following popular social media websites like

2.37 Billion


660 Million


101 Million


291 Million


321 Million


3.25 Billion



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