Search Engine Optimization


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a procedure of positioning your website at top of the Google search rankings for your targeted keywords. Simply like a library has a ton of books yet the librarian issues us the best book according to our requirement; similarly, the search engines, for example, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, selects the websites to serve the customers with the best results according to the keywords entered by the customer.

SEO is the most important tool for accomplishing higher rankings for the search engines. A decent SEO can help accomplish the stage you have been longing for with genuine leads and payable customers. The accomplishments of our customers are the snapshots of pride for us. It is an incredible triumph for us to see our customers in the first 10 results of SERPs.

We take on-page and off-page optimization strategies hand-in-hand to make an effect making site which is powerful over the long-run. With the assistance of our site reviews, complete Keyword research & placements, deliberately created content marketing strategies and capacity to draw an observable conclusion with the online spaces that our clients’ possess. We at Agix offers excellent white hate SEO services in Navi Mumbai Consistently, millions take advantage of web search tools to discover commodities or services. 90% of those individuals will tap on the links falling in the best 10 rankings of the search engines.

Is your site one of the best rankers? Is it accurate to say that you are stressed over competitors passing you in the race of accomplishment? Consequently, we’re here: to enable you to get the achievement position that you merit and experience a tide of new – Payable– visitors to your site. Our Search engine optimization services depend on tremendous research and experience, and we keep on improving our strategies and tools to remain one stage ahead in this ever-changing world of search engines.


Our group of SEO specialists helps position your site where it can yield the sort of reaction that will mean profitable clients. Our SEO techniques depend on an advisory manner, understanding your gathering of people and objectives and exercising:

Keyword Reached :-

SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. Agix helps you to optimize your website with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your website.

Competitive Analysis :-

Considering your competitor’s strengths & weaknesses our team creates Growth opportunities for your website that helps you to reach the top position & retain it in the ever-changing conditions of search engines.

Link Building :-

Backlinks are nothing but votes to your website. The number of votes your website gets the higher you rank in Google. Constructing links is a complex process which is made easy with the help of Agix team, who makes efforts to create a well-rounded link Portfolio that consist of many types of links & lists that help you grow & compete strongly on the web platform.

Improve website’s performance

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Love From Clients

Website optimization Services and Content Development/ Copywriting :-

A good descriptive content is a key to the success of a website. Content is not just a regular text in a website but is the client attracting factor in a website. Great copywriting won’t just expand your rankings, yet helps in changing over your visitors to paying clients. Our writers create proficient, special content that conveys an unmistakable and improved marketing message to both web search tools and clients.

Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization :-

Online PR is an effective and more affordable course than customary advertising. Online Press Release additionally includes SEO and site improvement benefits by sending movement and connections back to your web page. We can enable you to report new advancements in your organization and take advantage of the SEO and PR benefits.

Local Search Optimization :-

A local search generally consists of location modifier on a keyword and is used by clients searching for a service or commodity in their locality. Agix helps you to increase your business listings & for these localities.

Mobile SEO :-

With the increase in the use of smartphones, there is an increase in the usage of mobile search engines.Mobile SEO services by Agix helps you to optimize your website & make it feasible for mobile searches.


International Search :-

Running your website on an international platform includes international search standards as well as multilingual searches; Agix helps you to stand strong on the international stage with the help of its Professional SEO services.

Shopping Search :-

We will enable you to target clients who go online to analyze items from various sellers or scan for an online store or item by category. By positioning admirably in these searches, your clients can discover and purchase your items with only a few clicks.

Video SEO

Present day search engine optimization can incorporate a scope of interactive media systems to assemble rankings and direct people to your web page. Web search tools give video results on related keywords. We will enable you to build up an interactive media drive that completes your SEO works and enables you to contact a number of visitors by optimizing videos for search.

Web Marketing Analytics :-

Search marketing campaigns should be by thoroughly and consistently checked & analyzed. Agix will set up research covering your site and after that offer proficient advice and proposals on the most proficient method to exploit the information.

Reporting/KPIs :-

Agix respects its responsibilities of reporting all the improvements & changes made on the website, Hence, we provide a thorough SEO report of your website indicating the performance & the enhancements of the websites accomplished from our efforts.

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