Mobile Applicatiion


What is Mobile Application?

The craze of smartphones keeps rising over desktop use, the low price and availability of certain data connectivity have broadened the ratio of mobile internet users in India, and has widened over a geographical and statistical landscape.  At present this has created a demand of much needed digital existence of your business.

Mobile Application Development includes services like creation of software design, resources and codes necessary to execute a software application that easily runs on a mobile device for both iOS and Android devices through a network connection which runs on a remote computing resources.

Types of Mobile Application Development delivered by Agix

Today, various organizations, retail shops, medium-sized organizations, to global corporations, are utilizing the capability of mobile applications to significantly streamline their business tasks, increment workers’ efficiency, and enhance client relationship. Keeping this in mind, there are three main types of Mobile Application Development.

Native Mobile Application– Native Applications refer to a specific operating system which mainly functions on particular platforms such as iOS and Android system and cannot exchange their functioning and vice-versa, i.e. if an application is designed for a particular operating system like Android then it cannot function on another operating system like iOS, it is fast and efficient in terms of the performance.

Hybrid Mobile Application- Hybrid Application refers to an operating system which combines elements of both native and web applications and are built in a manner of a website. It can be installed on any Andriod or iOS devices through the app stores. Hybrid application can be used to play games, engage friends on social media, and much more.

Mobile Web Application- Web Applications refer to an internet-based application which requires a web browser to be introduced on a device. Mobile applications unlike native and hybrid apps, cannot access all of the mobile features such as camera, phones, etc. It is a subscription based operating system.


Why Agix for your mobile application development?

Agix attempt to streamline work processes, incorporate functions into one consistent pattern, and accordingly increment the efficiency of a business undertaking.

Our services are quality-packed with expertise development delivered to adhere your business values into reality.

Agix’s specialized team of mobile app developers believes in delivering exceptional and incomparable edge to our customers with the best in class android and iOS app and the perfect balance among budget, quality, and goals offer the best solution for your specific requirements.

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