Email Marketing


What is Email Marketing? How is it better than Traditional Marketing Strategies?

Any kind of communication done to build Client Loyalty & enhance Brand visibility via Email is referred to as Email Marketing.

Email Marketing makes it easy to connect to your clients & promote your business at an individual level.

You Have got an Email……….

It is one of the most curiosity creating statements.

An Email Refers to something that is quite personal to an individual hence when we email someone it means to connect with them personally.

Email Marketing helps us to connect to a wide range to audiences & get to know about their interests & requirements & accordingly create effective emails for targeted prospects.

There are a number of ways to target the right audience through effective emails. Some impact creating type of Emails are: 

Welcome emails:- Welcome emails are the basic emails sent to new visitors for pulling their attention towards our brand in a very soft & humble manner. These Emails might consist of “THANK YOU  FOR SHOWING INTEREST IN OUR BRAND” or “PLEASE ENTER YOUR DETAILS TO HELP US SERVE YOU BETTER” where it helps us to get the expectations of our visitors & with our details at the bottom of the email it is easy to educate them about our services & commodities.

Announcement Emails :- These emails are another way of attracting visitors to our brand site by acknowledging them about the new trends & enhancements made by our brand. This creates a curiosity to check out the new arrivals or new layout of our brand & creates a flow of clients to our brand website.

Offers & Promo-Codes :- The main aim of a customer is to get Best deals at low prizes hence this kind of Offers & Promo-code providing Emails creates a will to check out for the offers & discounts & increase the sales of our brand.


Procedure of Email Marketing Implemented by Agix:

Create a contact list:- The very first step is to collect all the data about the visitors & customers along with their needs & interests & create a contact list with number of clients who visited out sites in a particular time interval.

Set Targeted customers:- Segregate the customer list according to the requirements of the customer & their interests & categorize them into new & existing customers.

Design an Email:- Design impact creating emails according to the segregated list of clients targeting their interests & conveys the message of excellent customer service & a description of our brand at the end of the mail, which is then sent to individuals inviting them to visit our brand website & explore new services.

Check Progress response:- After sending the emails it is our key responsibility to keep a check on the progress rate so as to identify the points where improvements are needed & the points of success.


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