About Agix

AGIX is a budding consulting organization active in business through networking. With strong support of professionals, we are into IT and marketing services, hardcore engineering, consulting and project management areas targeting customers across the globe. AGIX cohort model aimed to leverage the cost effectiveness to its customers; our corporate office is located in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai India and UAE Affiliate office is at Dubai Silicon Oasis.

AGIX is very serious about professionalism in its business areas; our aim is to propagate IT Services, multi discipline design, engineering, technology developments, and specialized management areas across the globe in a cost effective manner. Our customers are ranging from individuals, contractors, third party consultants, and large corporate. We are the solution providers with competitive and innovative approach deriving win-win strategy into all business engagements.

Agix has an experience of transforming small businesses into brands & their founders into business icons and Agix has been resolving development and marketing issues of newly emerged & also well-established brands since years.

AGIX foundation were built on collaborative leadership, and the same principle will be adapted by our practitioners. We aim market niche within specialized design, engineering, technology and project management businesses. We choose the right expertise to cater the customer needs, wants and implied expectations.

AGIX is very particular about nature’s treasures and the surroundings where we dwell; AGIX solutions are taking care of sustainability; for sure, this will be our hidden facts within all our endeavors.

AGIX is bringing creativity into professional leadership endeavors by: 

Building core enthusiastic professional communities through collaborative arrangements.

Targeting BIG changes through a series of small changes, with progressive approach.

Innovate through jump-start strategy.



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